Англоязычные без акцента актеры!

Кастинг на озвучивание игры

Мы ищем англоязычных носителей для озвучивания компьютерной игры . Компьютерная игра в стиле хорор. Нужны мужские и женские голоса. Передача прав полная . Распространение игры : весь мир.​
По оплате : мы слушаем предложения от носителей ( час / день ) . Рассматриваем все варианты так как не можем пока найти подходящего .
По происхождению : главное без акцента !!!
По типажам.

1) Girl 15-35 years old. With a young lively voice.
2) Male 25-50. The voice is manly.
Кастинг по пробам (видео или аудио)
The most realistic acting required. Please avoid grotesque, overacting and cartoony intonations.

Male monologue:
(CRIME AND PUNISHMENT By Fyodor Dostoevsky)
Rodion Raskolnikov:
The old woman is of no consequence. The old woman was a mistake perhaps, but she is not what matters! The old woman was only an illness.... I was in a hurry to overstep.... I didn’t kill a human being, but a principle! I killed the principle, but I didn’t overstep, I stopped on this side.... I was only capable of killing. And it seems I wasn’t even capable of that... Principle? Why was that fool Razumihin abusing the socialists? They are industrious, commercial people; ‘the happiness of all’ is their case. No, life is only given to me once and I shall never have it again; I don’t want to wait for ‘the happiness of all.’ I want to live myself, or else better not live at all. I simply couldn’t pass by my mother starving, keeping my rouble in my pocket while I waited for the ‘happiness of all.’ I am putting my little brick into the happiness of all and so my heart is at peace. Ha-ha! Why have you let me slip? I only live once, I too want.... Ech, I am an æsthetic louse and nothing more...

The most realistic, "documentary style" acting. Avoid grotesque, overacting and cartoony intonations.

Female monologue:
(CRIME AND PUNISHMENT By Fyodor Dostoevsky)
Sonya Marmeladova:

Ah, you don’t.... If you only knew! You see, she is quite like a child.... Her mind is quite unhinged, you see... from sorrow. And how clever she used to be... how generous... how kind! Ah, you don’t understand, you don’t understand! Beat me! how can you? Good heavens, beat me! And if she did beat me, what then? What of it? You know nothing, nothing about it.... She is so unhappy... ah, how unhappy! And ill.... She is seeking righteousness, she is pure. She has such faith that there must be righteousness everywhere and she expects it.... And if you were to torture her, she wouldn’t do wrong. She doesn’t see that it’s impossible for people to be righteous and she is angry at it. Like a child, like a child. She is good!

На почту с темой voice
Опыт озвучивания
И обязательно пробы (аудио или видео)

Объём озвучки большой. Даты и время будут согласовываться с утверждёнными кандидатами .​

Гонорар договорной.

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